Tips on improving customer loyalty through User Experience

  1. increasing cutomer loyalty through user experience

When you establish a bond of trust between a company and its customers, you forge and secure their relationship. When both sides talk to each other, face to face, you will get some of the strongest of these relationships. However, in this technological era, people use mobile apps, websites, and in-store kiosks to interact with companies. This has estranged to us the feeling of intimacy, and we don’t really need to line up in banks anymore if we want to pay bills, or go to physical stores to buy something, when we can do the same things online.

  • A bad design work is sure to degrade customer loyalty

A company usually tends to build a system that will cater to the online customers. However, often, when this system isn’t that well designed, it happens that it damages the relationship between the said company and its customers. People’s perception has changed, and what other customers have to say when guiding them is more important than companies that are screaming for their attention.

  • The customer is always right

You can find out a lot about an app from the reviews and ratings. This gives the consumers the power to make a break the entire reputation of a company, solely based on online reviews. Try to take every complaint or suggestion given to you in a positive sense and only absorb the points which are being directed towards the quality of your service and products.

  • Keep the customer at the top

From the moment you start with designing and development, until the final product has been released, keep the customer at the top of your priority list. Make it sure that every step that you take is beneficial for your customers and they remain happy at the end of project execution. They will praise you for it, and their digital friends will hear their echoing voices. Brand loyalty is created by a positive and enjoyable experience.

  • Conduct rigorous testing for your designs and maintain your usability laws

This may sound fairly simple at first, but you’ll find it alarming how often the classic laws of User Experience are being happily ignored in the field of digital design. And, testing your designs is crucial. The laws and standards are there so you can stick to them. Even though you may think rules are there to be broken, you should give them a good thought before breaking them.

 What drives loyalty? 

Since we’re all pretty much aiming for higher customer loyalty, you should know what will get you that loyalty.

If you can make a change that increases loyalty, chances are, an increase in revenue will follow as well. So, will usability improvements increase customer loyalty? Yes, especially when you’re improving the perception of usability.


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